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Tiger Education

TIGER GROUP considers that the “Education and Society Development” is a part of its heritage and culture, before the recent trend of including CSR in the activities of the companies. As well, it considers that the development of human being and the society is one of the important aims & objectives that it works diligently to achieve.

Majour Activities: The relevant majour activities can be summarized as follows:

Educational Services:  

1.1. Universities:

1.1.1. Yarmouk Private University (YPU)  

1.2. Schools:

1.2.1. Comprehensive Program: Yarmouk Schools (Syria) Bunat Al Mustaqbal Schools (Syria) Rawafed Al Yarmouk Schools (Jordan)  

1.2.2. Construction Program: Al Shareyah Secondary School (Dar’a – Syria) Secondary School / Female (Dar’a – Syria)     
               Secondary School / Male (Dar’a – Syria)  

1.3. Publications  

1.4. Awards